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              Continuous research & development as well as implementation of environmentally friendly
              agricultural practices enable continuing increase in productivity and profitability

              Sinar Mas Agri-Resources and Technology, SMART, is Indonesia’s largest palm-based consumer products group with vertically integrated operations.

              Listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1999, Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (“GAR”) is the largest oil palm plantation group in Indonesia and the second largest in the world. With an extensive global marketing network, we offer our palm oil products in some 70 countries today.

              The large scale and integrated nature of our palm oil operations allow us to promote efficiency, productivity, quality and sustainable growth across the entire value chain. We manage nearly 500,000 hectares or about 5.5% of Indonesia oil palm plantation area but realise an output of nearly 10%, making us one of the world’s most efficient palm oil companies. GAR is committed to being the leader in sustainable palm oil production by adopting the best industry practices and standards, managing the environment responsibly, creating employment and empowering the communities.

              Our downstream operations are in the best position to grow its global, diversified customer base through strong distribution, branding, merchandising, destination processing, shipping and logistics. While our priority is to enlarge capacity in Indonesia, we also seek out growth opportunities in the various destination countries that we serve.

              For more information, please visit http://www.sinarmas.com/en/agribusiness-and-food/

              86-21-5331 2000